The silver Cloud

‘I can’t believe you dragged me there, I have never had such an awful experience. I thought that they only had matron types in those carry on films! I nearly screamed when I saw that huge plastic thing that they stuck up me! Oh my God I have no idea how it fitted in there!’

‘Er Anj, you did scream! Better to be safe than sorry.’

‘Oh Crap, you heard me?’

‘Yes, in fact the whole clinic heard you scream! I just said its your first time!’

‘Oh hell! I’m never going to live this down am I?’

‘Nope! Come on, let’s go grab a bite to eat and a drink!’

‘You can eat after that? Oh, but then, it wasn’t you whose personal parts were being scrutinised, so of course you can eat! But I think really do need a strong drink!’