The Silver Cloud

“How was the film?” Asked Anjali as she heard Sam coming out of the bathroom the next morning.

“Crap! You didn’t miss anything! I swear the more they try to make films all sexy and glamorous the less of a story line they have! How was your night? Did you figure out your wardrobe issues?”

“Yeah, well almost! I need to get a couple of things!”

“What like a skimpy mini skirt?!”

“No. That’s soooo yesterday! Besides it’s a classy agency! They don’t dress like that there, it’s more up market!”

“Oooh lala! Who’d ever have thought there would be such a thing as a posh escort agency!”

“Well you better make sure you have taken all the precautions!”


“Oh my god! I do wonder about you sometimes! It’s like you’re so innocent, you are born in a different time warp! You need to protect yourself from disease and pregnancy dopey!”

“Oh that! of course. I know that!”

“Oh thank The Lord! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tell you about the birds and the bees!” When was the last time you were tested?”

“Tested? Tested for what?”

“For STIs silly!”

“Er like never! At least I don’t think so!”

“Well if you were, you wouldn’t forget! Come on! I’m taking you to the clinic!”

“What? Now?”

“No tomorrow! Of course now! There’s no time like the present!”


The Silver Cloud

“Where’s that ringing coming from?”asked Sam as she came into the kitchen.

Anjali was a million miles away, cooking, “huh? Oh! Oh that’s my new phone, crap! Just watch the chicken!” She grabs her bag and runs out of the room.

“Hello?” Anjali answers the phone.
“Yes is am Anjali”

“Irina asked me to call you. To help you. I am Serena also from the agency.”

“Hi Serena. Yes. Thank you. Where do we start?!”

“Give me your address. I’ll come over. We can talk about the procedure. Clothes. Hygiene and everything.”

“Ok. I will SMS it to you. When do you want to come over?”

“I will be there in maybe one hour!”

“Oh. That soon. Err, ok!” How was she going to do this with Sam still around!

She sent Serena the address by SMS. Now to go and prepare Sam for Serenas’ visit! She had no idea what Serena looked like and how she would be dresses or anything! The best way was to come straight out with it!

“Anj!, the chickens done. I’m off out with Chris for drinks and maybe a movie, fancy coming along? We can always eat the chicken later or even tomorrow!”

It couldn’t have been more perfect if she had planned it! “No, I’m fine you go ahead. I’ve got lots of stuff to sort out! Thanks, have fun!”

Anjali ate some of the chicken she had cooked so quickly she gave herself a case of mild indigestion!

Just as she finished washing the dishes and clearing the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

Serena was not at all what she expected, but then she really wasn’t too sure what to expect!

“Hello! I am looking for Anja-ali?” Came a simple sweet voice.

“Hi! Are you Serena? I am Anjali!”

“Oh! You are Anja-ali? Oh yes I am Serena, you are different to how I imagined!”

“Oh. I hope that’s not a bad thing! Come on in! Actually, you are different to what I think I expected too!”

“What did you expect?” She laughed

“To tell you the truth, I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely did not think you would look so normal! And dressed so simply in jeans and a tee shirt! I thought you would be dressed more in something like a mini skirt and sexy top or a tight short dress!

“Haha” She laughed so much she had an attack of hiccups. “Those are the old days! no one dresses that way any more!”

Anjali hands her a glass of water, “Here For the hiccups. Right where do we start? Perhaps with the clothes, since I’m obviously soooo clueless about that!”

Anjali leads Serena to her room and opens up the wardrobe.

“Ok, well jeans and a tee shirt is only for the days off! show me what you have for a nice dinner out with friends.”

“I don’t go for nice dinners with friends! But I have this, she takes out a short black dress?”

Serena nods, “No”

“The only other decent things I have are my work suits, skirts trousers and blouses etc”

“Ok that one, that one and that one will do for now. We need to go shopping! What shoes do you have?”

Anjali points to her 3 pairs of shoes, Trainers, a pair of black high heels and a pair of ballerina style flat shoes.

“Thats it? Ok the Black heels for now, obviously. We will have to get you a new pair. Now your hair must always be perfect. Your nails and make up too. It should all be elegant. Not like the types you see on tv. We are all classy and elegant. Our clients have a lot of money and want elegant dates who look like the perfect girlfriend that makes their associates envious. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance!”

“Personal hygiene?”

“Oh no! you do not know what personal hygiene is?”

“haha of course I know what that is. I wash everyday and brush my teeth and all that.”

“Yes apart from washing, you must prepare yourself in the intimate regions – it should not just be clean and smelling nice! It must be kept neat and trimmed! It cannot be unruly – unless of course you have a client that likes it that way!”

“Really? You have to do that too?”

“Yes of course!”

“Do I have to er…. do….. er….be intimate with everyone every time?”

“No of course not, it depends on the client or clients! After all sometimes there is more than one at a time! But lets not get ahead of ourselves. They must always pay in cash at the start of the meeting. You must be careful and make clear what you are not prepared to do from the start.”

Anjali looked quite stunned, she had not even thought of the sex she would be having! Anjali, would be having sex!