The Silver Cloud

Sam awoke that morning and saw a bleary eyed Anjali hiding behind a huge pile of envelopes.

Anjali had circled almost every want ad in the paper. She applied for various positions from secretary to tele sales.

“Did you reply to every single ad?”

“Well yeah. Do you have any idea how bad it is out there!”

“Hun you still need to be selective. You are talented and qualified as well as experienced. Who wouldn’t want to hire you?”

“Yeah. Perhaps but just in case!”

“Ok I am shattered! I need to take a nap. I can’t believe I was up all night doing that”, she waves in the general direction of the a crumpled newspaper and envelopes.

“Yes but I suggest you take a shower first. That was the newspaper, not a snooze paper! You have ink all over your left cheek!”

“Oh crap!” Anjali left the kitchen.


The Silver Cloud

“Well it might as well say thank you very much but no thank you! Thanks a whole lot Elliott! And to think of all those coffees I made for you!”

“what are you babbling on about?” asked Sam, my flatmate.

“This!” Anjali handed her the letter, “Great start to the weekend and ruined Easter too! So much for planning that long weekend away!”

Sam reads aloud,
“Dear Anjali Bajaj
I am extremely sorry to have to tell you that, following a substantial reduction in our funding and a subsequent period of consultation, the Management Committee of Forward Telemarketing have decided to make the post of Junior assistant team manager redundant.
As the Management Committee of Forward Telemarketing  is unable to offer you any suitable alternative employment, we are hereby giving you notice that your employment with Forward Telemarketing will terminate on May 18, 2014
Under your contract of employment you are entitled to one months’ notice… Blah blah blah….
Relax! You are soooooo talented. You will easily get another job”

“Erm, Hello!  Do you know how bad things are?  They don’t exactly sell them down at the local Tesco Express you know?!”

“Well then perhaps you ought to take your CV down to them!”

“Don’t even joke about that! It could be my last resort!”

“Well here’s today’s paper. You had better start looking at the want ads!”

“Yes I suppose I need to start looking somewhere! I will look online too whilst I can still afford the internet!”

“Shall I make some tea whilst you’re looking?”

“Tea? I think I’m gonna need something a lot stronger!”

“Err, I think it’s probably best to save the bubbly for when you get you’re new job!”

“We have bubbly?!”

“No, just the cheap sparkling wine we got on your birthday! But you’re missing my point!….”

“Yeah yeah. I got your point genius! I just wanna get a tiny little bit smashed, you know?! But you’re right. Perhaps we should hold back on the alcohol. I swear though sometimes living with you is like still living with the parents!”

“Gee, thanks a bunch!  Here’s your tea princess!”